Perhaps the most valuable service we offer is the initial consultation.

There is a $150.00 flat charge for the initial 45-minute consultation with Attorney David Caveda. If you are located outside the Tampa Bay area, we can provide the initial consultation via telephone.

During the consultation, we attempt not only to answer the questions you may have, but also to give you answers to questions which will arise for you in the future. We will discuss substantive issues of your case, not just general areas of marital and family law. It is also a time for you to meet the staff who, together with the lawyer, will assist you throughout your case.

Once we begin our representation, we charge hourly rates which are currently $325.00 per hour for Mr. Caveda and $100.00 per hour for our legal assistants.

No two cases are alike and, accordingly, no two fees will be the same. Since the amount of time involved can never be predicted with scientific precision, we will do our best after an initial consultation to approximate how long the case could take and how much it might ultimately cost. Of course, there may be variables which cannot be anticipated, but we will give an honest effort to try to help you determine and anticipate the costs involved.

Before we begin representation, we require an initial retainer and a signed attorney-client agreement. The total initial payment depends on the case, but usually ranges from $3,000.00 to $5,000.00. We then bill our time against that retainer, and, if and when the retainer is close to being depleted, we require additional payments sufficient to cover your legal fees and expenses. Where appropriate, we will seek to have the other party reimburse you or contribute to your attorney’s fees and costs.

To arrange an initial consultation, please call us at (813) 452-6090 (Tampa, Hillsborough County). We look forward to meeting with you.

Contact us today to discuss your legal options and schedule a consultation. For all of your Tampa divorce needs, Caveda Law Firm, P.A. is here to assist.

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